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While we sleep then our body sweat and shed skin cells that soak or get trapped into our mattresses. Changing the bed sheets regularly is excellent but our mattresses contain many of dust mites, bed bugs, viruses & bacteria, that are often a source of many disease & flu. Hence, mattress cleaning is important to maintain the hygienic life, Clean4u provide Mattress cleaning Utrecht.

Clean4u have professional team which assesses the condition of the mattress (both sides) to determine the required mattress cleaning Utrecht. With our specialized spray-take out stain with machine that sprays fabric shampoo and removes dirt both from the surface and interior of the mattress and with a special mattress sanitizing cleaning that is dry, eco-friendly & chemical-free so there’s no odor nor drying.

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Our Mattress Cleaning Services Utrecht

Dead skin shed during you sleep, alongside sweat and humidity are the primary contributors of the continuous reproduction of dust mites, bed bugs, and dirt particles in your mattresses.

Considering how deeply embedded impurities are entered in your mattress, maintaining a healthy lifestyle which starts with a good night sleep and managing medical conditions requires continuous proactive care. Clean4u provide these all services for our customers in Utrecht.


Cleaning services Rotterdam

We Used Latest Mattress Cleaning Technology

Our mattress cleaning technology in Utrecht, and only medical grade mattress cleaning and sanitization technology using Germicidal Ultra Violet Light, specifically designed to prevent the growth of bacteria and other living organisms, such as bed bugs, in the mattress. Using this technology, we are the best mattress cleaner Utrecht. Clean4u provides you with premium mattress cleaning Utrecht that protects you by dust mites cleaning, bed bug cleaning, mold remediation, and sanitization.

Mattress Cleaning Procedure Utrecht

In Cleaning Services include

Deep cleaning

Sometimes, getting a regular home cleaning service isn't enough for your home, and what you need is a professional deep cleaning service that Clean4u provide.

Commercial cleaning

Our Commercial cleaning services is unique, we give quality Cleaning Services. We ensure all requests for office cleaning services are treated with urgency, and our clients are assured that their requests will be treated within 1 hour minutes.

Stain and odour removal

We are used different types of chemical in cleaning services which is remove stain and odour and clean with efficiently of your home.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Utrecht

We have the most effective mattress cleaning service in Utrecht, due to our experienced staff and state of the art equipment. By using Sancerre for deep cleaning your mattress in Utrecht, We protect you and your family from the effects of dust mites, dust mite excrement and other invaders in Utrecht. In fact, the weight of the average mattress more than doubles every ten years due to dust particles. That means that most people share their bed and homes every night with thousand of germ.

For mattress cleaning Utrecht service, It is not enough to use domestic equipment as dust particles bury themselves deep into mattresses, so we use commercial grade vacuums to get the right result fast. Our specially developed mattress sanitizing process is done in your home and is both dry and chemical free that process is good for health.

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Surface level mattress cleaning Utrecht

Surface level mattress cleaning Utrecht is usually not enough clean a mattress with bed bugs, dust mites and dirt particles. These pests tend to live deep inside the mattress, and cannot be washed out with regular mattress cleaning techniques in Utrecht. That’s why you need to book a deep mattress cleaning Utrecht service by Clean4u, in order to truly cleanse your mattress on the inside as well, and remove any mites, bed bugs and dust in your mattress.

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