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We will clean for you

Restore the original look of your patio with a simple clean

Jet washing services are an effective cleaning method which removes grime, moss, mud and even some weeds from your outdoor paving and decking areas using only water. We recommend that you use this service when your patio starts changing its colour to green or gets muddy, to avoid outdoor slippage. Here’s a short list with surfaces we can jet wash:

  • Paved areas
  • Patios made of sandstone, limestone, or blue stone
  • Brick and concrete surfaces, including walls no higher than 2 metres
  • Garden paths made of stone, terracotta, bricks, granite, or marble
  • Wooden and composite deckings
  • Fences – up to 2 metres in height
  • Garden furniture
  • Balconies – if there is drainage

Note: In order to perform the service, the professional gardeners/patio cleaners will need access to electricity and water.

Here is how our patio cleaning service usually goes

  1. Meet the gardening team at your property and show them the areas that you want pressure washed.
  2. Before they start cleaning, the experts will measure the area to confirm your quote.
  3. They will then unload and prepare all the equipment. The pressure washing machine operates with electricity and water, so make sure there is proper access to those. If you don’t have a water source in your garden, the team will attach a fitting to the equipment and connect it to an internal tap.
  4. While one of the gardeners is assembling the jet washing equipment, the other one will clear out the area from any fallen leaves. Then, the patio cleaners will proceed with the washing process.
  5. Enjoy the WOW results!

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