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About us

We are company located in The Hague. Our history started from established small cleaning company. Now, after years working on local market as a Clean4U we have separated Clean4U Windows.

We are focusing on exterior services. We are first company you should think about, when you need to clean your windows or prepare garden to new season.

Our services are based on expertise and commitment. Our highly skilled operatives use only professionally proven and Eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques to fulfill your cleaning and property maintenance requirements. With a vast and ever growing range of Cleaning and Maintenance Services we aim to cover all your property needs.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Low pressure house roof cleaning.
  • Solar panel cleaning.
  • Gutter cleaning and down-pipe unblocking.
  • Window Cleaning - Traditional and high reach water fed pole systems.
  • Skylight/Glass Roof and Conservatory Cleaning.
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.
  • Patios, Driveways, Decks (by using high pressure jet-wash).
  • Move In/Out services.
  • Minor wall repairs and painting.

Window cleaning

What is osmosis?

Normal tap water contains minerals and salts. When the water dries it leaves remain on the surface of your windows - well known white/grey circles on glass. With filtered tap water, all components such as salts, minerals and lime are filtered out of the water. What remains is pure (osmosis) water that, after evaporation, leaves no stains on windows and other surfaces. Simply because there is nothing left in the water that can leave stains.

How does telescope washing with osmosis water work?

We have a special prepared car with filter system on it. Thanks to that solution we can use tap water from our tank and clean it directly during cleaning.
Clean, osmosis water is pumped thru 50m long hose to the brushes on a telescopic handle.

Thanks to this handle we can reach as high as a 10m and long hose give us access even in places where car cannot drive in.

Thanks to pure clean water we don’t need to pulled it out from cleaned surfaces. Water dry naturally and leave nothing than super clean surface

What telescope washing with osmosis water method is ideal for?

We are providing solution for cleaning:
Cleaning windows and frames in blocks, offices, private houses and business
Refreshing facade and facade advertising.
Adding old glow to the sun blinds.
Delicate cleaning solar cells.


The highest level of cleanliness
Cleaning hard to reach places
Saving (no boom lift is needed)

CALL US: 06 44386167

What are people saying

I hired Clean4U for a cleaning after renovation, and They did great job. I was surprised about how fast they are working. And they didn't missed any spot!


We have a two floor house, 2 cats, dog and toddler. Because of my pregnancy I was looking for help with cleaning. Celan4U gave me a hand.


I had gone through three non-company single cleaners, never again! Now I'm sure that services will be delivered on time and always with the same quality.