Deep Cleaning Utrecht

Deep cleaning is better than the standard cleaning service. In a deep cleaning, we clean everything in your house and office. We clean your house and office top to bottom and every corner. Clean4u use different consumable in the deep cleaning process. The deep cleaning process is longer than the regular cleaning service. You schedule a deep cleaning for your entire house and office in Den Haag. Deep cleaning service includes lots of detail work of your house and office both. We have a special deep cleaning team that cleans your office and house thoroughly. We have entered the cleaning field since 2017. Our customer has satisfied with Clean4u deep cleaning service in Utrecht. After completing deep cleaning service, we provide guaranty of our deep cleaning service.

Upholstery Cleaning Utrecht

Deep Cleaning Services in Utrecht

Indoor air pollution is one of the main causes of respiratory diseases. The house can dusty climate, combined with confined spaces, affects indoor air quality. One way to improve indoor air quality is to deep-clean your home from Clean4u. Unlike general cleaning, where surfaces are dusted and wiped, deep cleaning thoroughly cleans all appliances and equipment in the home, removing dust and dirt particles in Utrecht.


Clean4u offers the following professional deep cleaning services.
In the living room: in addition to dusting and sweeping the floor, our professionals will clean lamp shades, fans and windows.


Upholstery Cleaning Utrecht

Regular Deep Cleaning Utrecht

Regular deep cleaning services can help remove dust and dirt particles from surfaces, but once every 3 months you should make sure you deep clean your home. Deep cleaning removes hard-to-remove dirt and grime and freshens up your home in Utrecht. Unlike traditional household cleaning services, deep cleaning services deep clean your home. Clean4u clean those hard-to-reach places that household cleaning can’t cover.

Utrecht heat has a serious impact on the condition of your home, making it easier for dirt to build up in your home, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Clean4u Cleaning’s deep cleaning services go beyond regular household cleaning to keep your Utrecht home spotless. Clean4u Cleaning recommends deep cleaning at least once a month to keep your home in good condition, and we employ vetted professionals to provide quality deep cleaning along with the equipment.

Our Deep Cleaning Services Utrecht

Kitchen Deep Cleaning


In the kitchen, we clean all the hard-to-reach and most forgotten areas, such as the sides of the kitchen, the space above cabinets, under the sink and under all appliances, as well as clean and disinfect tables and counters. Our experts are also dedicated to thoroughly cleaning all kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven.


Bathroom Deep Cleaning


All surfaces are vacuumed and sanitized as needed. We provide cleaning and disinfecting of all toilets, bathtubs and showers. Mirrors and floors are properly scrubbed and cleaned.


Bedroom Deep Cleaning


All electrical appliances in the bedroom such as lights, fans, etc. are thoroughly cleaned. Electrical panels are wiped down and stains on the walls are removed. Windows are dusted and cleaned with microfiber. Mirrors and floors are also properly scrubbed and cleaned.

If you are looking for a deep cleaning company Clean4u offers affordable deep cleaning Utrecht services, then look no further. Contact us Clean4u and get the best professional services in Utrecht.


Regular Deep Cleaning


High standard cleaning services tailored to your regular hygiene and maintenance services in Utrecht. Lately, it is mandatory to maintain regular hygiene and cleanliness in your environment and home. Clean4u guarantees efficient cleaning services in Utrecht just for you at the most affordable prices.


Deep Cleaning


A complete top-to-bottom customized deep cleaning Utrecht program that addresses all your cleaning needs, ensuring essential cleaning of every nook and cranny, including all items in the space. We offer the most affordable deep cleaning services in Utrecht and to ensure a real clean.


Move In and Move out


Moving can be an extremely tiring process, especially with all the things you’ve been nursing with memories. Professional cleaning on entry and exit makes the relocation process easier, saving you time, energy and money and ensuring that your precious belongings are always treated with the utmost care.


Commercial Cleaning


We offer premium services commercial deep cleaning Eindhoven and cater to your commercial cleaning needs while helping you maintain the appearance of your workplace. Clean4u also ensures that nothing is moved unless you want it to be, to allow your workplace to run efficiently without any inconvenience.


Cleaning Sofas


Often, sofas become the most neglected part when it comes to cleaning, mainly for two reasons: firstly, it’s difficult to guarantee a 360-degree clean; secondly, it’s time-consuming. Clean4u’s sofa cleaning services help keep the upholstery in your home clean, fresh, smelling good and healthy.


Floor Cleaning


We are proud to offer high quality floor cleaning services in Eindhoven. A clean environment makes people feel comfortable, and cleanliness is the key to efficiency. With our certified equipment and all the tools and supplies, we ensure a clean and healthy environment.


Sanitizing & Disinfecting


Clean4u will only remove visible dirt, soil, chemical residues and allergens from equipment, utensils and work surfaces. It will not remove microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses. This requires sanitizing or disinfecting the site with effective products and advanced technology.

In Cleaning Services include

Deep cleaning

Sometimes, getting a regular home cleaning service isn't enough for your home, and what you need is a professional deep cleaning service that Clean4u provide.

Commercial cleaning

Our Commercial cleaning services is unique, we give quality Cleaning Services. We ensure all requests for office cleaning services are treated with urgency, and our clients are assured that their requests will be treated within 1 hour minutes.

Stain and odour removal

We are used different types of chemical in cleaning services which is remove stain and odour and clean with efficiently of your home.

Professional Deep Cleaning Utrecht

Deep cleaning differs from regular cleaning because it deeply tackles the dirt and grime in your home and residence. It covers the corners of your home and office that are usually untouched by regular cleaning. Our deep cleaning service in Utrecht includes: Behind kitchen appliances, such as the washing machine and oven, removing accumulated dirt; under the sink; inside the oven, including the oven door glass; on window frames and patio doors; inside and outside all windows, washing of all shutters; thorough and complete dusting, including all corners of rooms with cobwebs; removal of salts from all bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, taps, showers, scrubbing with washing brushes, etc.

When the dusty Utrecht weather makes your home and office dirty, dust accumulates in every corner. So, you want to need deep cleaning services. Over time, the dirt that accumulates in your home and office cannot be removed by regular cleaning. The solution is to get the most affordable, effective and professional deep cleaning services from Clean4u in Utrecht.

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Benefits of deep cleaning Utrecht

A professional cleaning service has a thorough cleaning routine. Clean4u cleaners know what needs to be cleaned and where dirt and bacteria are hiding. Our cleaning staff has the products and tools to do the job correctly. They also know how to clean different parts of your home safely. They know what to put on your floors or tiles, for example.


Hiring a deep cleaning service from Clean4u will save you time. Before the deep cleaning, we will visit your home and office because we want to know how much your home and office need to be cleaned. This will naturally require a lot more time. This means you don’t have to do all those tedious cleaning tasks that no one likes, like scrubbing the lines for hours or wiping individual creases off the shutters.


You don’t need a deep cleaning service regularly. It’s generally an occasional service you get for a specific purpose. When you move into your new house in Utrecht, you can schedule a deep cleaning with Clean4u. You can start your new home with a clean slate and not worry about the previous owner’s mess. You can do the same for your old home when you move out. That way, new owners can start with a clean slate in Utrecht.

Some people start with a deep clean when they start using the service. Start by thoroughly cleaning your home. Then, when you start regular cleaning, the cleaning service can maintain the cleanliness you create with deep cleaning. You may want to schedule a deep clean before a party or important event you plan to host at your house or office. Looking closely at the tables or equipment, one will not find grease or dirt. clean4u offers a deep cleaning service in Utrecht.

Move In Deep Cleaning in Utrecht

Whether you are moving house, apartment or office, you cannot avoid deep cleaning for several reasons. You never know how the previous tenant looked after or maintained the house before you moved in, nor how much the air conditioning, bathroom or kitchen was used before you moved in.


In a newly built house or apartment, there may have been a lot of waste left before the site was finished, such as dust and dirt in the air conditioner or paint stains on the tiles. These are two of the main reasons why you should consider professional deep cleaning in Utrecht, who will take care of every detail in your home before you move in, to make your move relaxing and less stressful.

Upholstery Cleaning Utrecht

Why choose deep cleaning Utrecht instead of regular home cleaning?

In a normal domestic cleaning with Clean4u, regular cleaning equipment such as mops and brooms will clean the places and surfaces you come into contact with every day. But a thorough cleaning service in Utrecht will be much more comprehensive. Clean4u cleaning team will come and make sure that the inside of cupboards, ovens, vents, ceiling fans, etc. are clean. They will also dust and clean your balcony and garden furniture.

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