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Curtains are important thing of any home. It not only adds to the beauty of the room, living room and etc., but also acts as an air filter trapping dust, mites, odor and smoke. The curtains stop dust and dirt entered in the room and can trigger asthma and various other respiratory problems if not maintained properly. Thus, there is a need to undertake curtain cleaning periodically to prolong its life and also to improve the indoor air quality and Clean4u provide curtains cleaning service in Rotterdam.


Clean4u is a professional curtain cleaning company that offers both residential and commercial cleaning at an affordable price. We provide both services of curtain dry cleaning and wet cleaning as per the customer’s requirements in Rotterdam.

Cleaning services Rotterdam

Professional Curtain Cleaning Rotterdam

Most curtains, whether they’re casual cotton, fancier damask, are made of woven fabrics in Rotterdam that gather dust, pet hair and dander, even mold spores. Over time, these things accumulate in your curtain, and cause a drastic effect to your room air quality. Every time the curtains are opened or closed, dust, dirt particles and other debris begin swirling around in your room and home. You’ll find that debris settling on your furniture as well as your carpet, where every step stirs it up again and Clean4u also provide carpet cleaning service in Rotterdam. For allergy sufferers patient, cleaning curtains regularly will provide significant relief to indoor allergy symptoms in house.

Get quality cleaning services for all types of curtains with, blinds & draperies with Clean4u professional curtain cleaning service. We provide the best curtain dry cleaning, steam cleaning, and curtain stain removal service in Rotterdam.


We recommend our customer to have dry cleaned your curtain at least every 3 to 4 months because stain dust or dirt on your curtain would be difficult to get rid of as it dries up over time. If your curtain can be wet washed, contact us to do a curtain cleaning service for you whereby we will remove all stain and dirt particles of your curtains.

work as per the requirement of the clients. clean4u curtain cleaners visit your place at the specified date and suitable time which is easy for you, inspection the interior properly and recommend the type of cleaning to undertake.


Cleaning services Rotterdam

Benefits of our Curtain Cleaning Rotterdam

Instead of waiting for your curtains to get dirty, contact us to get our professional services for curtain cleaning in Rotterdam to enjoy the following benefits.

Our Curtain Cleaning Services Rotterdam

We offer these types of curtain cleaning services to our customers:


Curtain Dry Cleaning


Clean4u are reviewed the curtains properly for spots and stains. This service is the one of our most popular services. Clean4u are cleaned the curtain finest manner without the using any liquid solutions. Once done, the curtains are vacuumed thoroughly to remove loose soil, dust and dirt particles. We are used special dry cleaning agents wherein the cleaning compounds safely destroy the dust particles and dirt from the innermost core of the fabric. This makes the curtains clean and ready for immediate use. This not only disinfects the curtain but also remove unpleasant odor.


Wet curtain cleaning


Curtain wet cleaning is carried out using a specially prepared liquid solution by Clean4u. Clean4u, here a color test will be conducted initially to make sure that the color of the curtain does not fade. Then the curtain is vacuumed thorough properly to remove all dust and soil particles. Once done, a pre-loosening cleaning agent is applied and the fabric is thoroughly rinsed properly. After sometime the fabric is washed again and dried.

Clean4u is a professional curtain cleaning company, we ask the customer let us know beforehand the type of cleaning that is required for your curtains. Dry curtain cleaning is not offer in houses with kids and adults with Asthma as the dry-cleaning procedure can trigger respiratory ailments. Though this is a time-consuming procedure, the results are incredible.


On-Site Cleaning


We provide curtain cleaning service at your home. Our professional team offers exclusive on-site curtain cleaning service, which means your curtains will be cleaned without taking them down. The best part about this cleaning is that the results are instant, and the curtains will remain intact with perfect color and shine.


Curtain Steam Cleaning


We have the Steam curtain cleaning method for you! In the steam cleaning procedure, a thermal solution is directly sprayed on the curtain fabric, followed by a vacuum process. The hot water and vacuum suction form the steam that remove minute dirt particles and dries the curtain at the same time.

In Cleaning Services include

Deep cleaning

Sometimes, getting a regular home cleaning service isn't enough for your home, and what you need is a professional deep cleaning service that Clean4u provide.

Commercial cleaning

Our Commercial cleaning services is unique, we give quality Cleaning Services. We ensure all requests for office cleaning services are treated with urgency, and our clients are assured that their requests will be treated within 1 hour minutes.

Stain and odour removal

We are used different types of chemical in cleaning services which is remove stain and odour and clean with efficiently of your home.

Clean4u Have a professional Professional Curtain Cleaning staff in Rotterdam

We have the right type of chemicals, and agents to clean your curtain. First, we inspect your home and other room to determine the type of cleaning – wet or dry – to be done. Accordingly, we will select the cleaning products. This proves to be more effective than in-house cleaning service.

Clean4u have all the equipment and expertise to clean your curtain, our staff require less supervision. You just have to show the curtains that need to be cleaned and Clean4u professional staff will do rest of the work. Because we have a professional staff  have a professional Curtain Cleaning staff in Rotterdam.

Since the entire curtain cleaning activity right from removing the curtain till hanging the curtain is done by clean4u team, it saves the time of our clients, our clients are happy with us. Curtain cleaning Rotterdam is no more a daunting task thanks to companies like Clean4u. All you have to do book your service right away through our website or contact us. 

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Clean4u provide reliable and affordable cleaning services of our customer.

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Why should you hire Clean4u as your professional curtain cleaner in Rotterdam?

If your house that is a powerhouse of dust and dirt that would be your indoor curtain. The dry and dusty and dirt weather of Rotterdam coupled together leads to the accumulation of dust in the curtain. In our busy day to day life, cleaning the curtain on a regular basis is easy task for us. The only solution is to seek the service of a curtain cleaning company Clean4u in Rotterdam. Along with many other cleaning service, Clean4u offers efficient curtain cleaning service as well. By making use of our service our clients gain these benefits.

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